Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen....

We have a new obsession in the Hembree household and it is FOOTBALL.....Gone are the lightsabres and droid armies. It is football day and night here...."Mommy...Do you want me to show you a quarterback sneak?"...... " you want me to show you how to throw the ball right and we can play catch?"....... "Mommy? Did you know I had a dream last night and I was doing this option play and then....blah blah blah" LOL.....I have to say I know as much about football as I do about Star Wars but it is much more enjoyable to watch. Ty had his first game and scored 2 touchdowns so I dont see this obsession slowing down anytime soon. He is so stinking fast....It makes me laugh to watch the other team try to catch him. I wish he would LOVE a sport that was played indoors or during a prettier time of year but I dont get to choose, do I? Jake is not as crazy about it as Ty is....He will sit and watch an entire game and give me a play by play as "we" watch. Jake is still into Star Wars, screaming when his brother aggravates him...and anything that has to do with candy...I would say that may be his obsession :) Anytime he walks by the Halloween candy he will ask to have some, which ends up being close to 30 times a day. He says he wants to try basketball so I will keep you all updated on that.....Night Night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I am on medicine for this weird hives...itching thing and it is making really crabby. Still dont know what the problem is.....So I pull Ty aside and say "Buddy..I am sorry mommy has been so crabby today." Ty: "Thats ok be honest I havent even noticed!" LOL....Mommy to herself... Ugh... You are a boy why would I expect you to know if I am even speaking let alone if I am barking at you all day :) Just another day in my life... Ha ha! Do I even live in the same house as these boys? Oh wait ...someone does feed and pick up after them...I guess I do.

Friday, September 24, 2010


The shirt .............
The cake ...........and yes the helmet during the movie!

Pictures to prove my point......Yes my hint worked and I have a camera!!! Love you honey!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A note to Tyler and Jacob Hembree

Dear Ty and Jake,

I hate to ruin your fun, but I do not share your excitement or your obsession with all things Star Wars. I am a girl...I like the color pink, flowers, painted toenails, bubble baths and reading books in peace and quiet. When you start a sentence with "Do you remember when Darth Vader..." I have stopped listening and have gone to a happy place in my mind. When you ask "Who is Mace Windu?" I do NOT know the answer or care. When you want to play and ask me to be Princess will not end well bc the princess likes to sleep in my story. Every cup and plate you use does not have to have Yoda on will live with normal silverware and dinner plates. Lightsabers are not stuffed animals and do not need to sleep in your bed. They are just fine in the toybox and will be there when you wake up. Luke Skywalker is a made up person not a member of our family, so NO, I do not love him. I am excited your vocabulary is expanding but I dont believe you will find Clone Trooper or Rebel Alliance in the dictionary. Just a reminder my birthday is coming up and if my card has Boba Fett I am running away and may not come back all day. I love you both but enough is enough!


P.S. I feel the same way about Phineas and Ferb so don't even think about it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hi there!

So we have been crazy busy and I am not good at keeping up at the moment. I have started homeschooling Ty(occasionaly Jake) and it is going really well....Of course he is only first grade so if I was struggling we would all be in trouble :) I think the thought of homeschooling was much scarier than actually doing it. He is doing great! Such a little smarty pants. The curriculum has alot of language and phonics type stuff and he is flying thru it considering he already reads at a 3rd grade level. But I want to go thru it all so when he comes to words he hasnt memorized he can actually sound them out. lol. We had our first homeschool field trip and the boys had a lot of fun...when I get a camera for my birthday(wink, wink) I will be able to add pictures. I dont know how to get the pictures from my i-phone to the computer without it taking forever so no pics till Oct. We went to the Butterfly festival in Southlake. The kids learned about butterflies and fed them some watermelon on a stick and Ty even had one on his nose by the end of the day. Then we went to Chick-Fil-A and had lunch and let the kids play while I visited with a couple of the other moms.
Texas is FINALLY feeling like home and I am comfortable with the group of girls I have met and am surrounding myself with. They are all so encouraging and sweet and I love being around girls I can be myself around. We also joined a church which helps in the feeling at home. Of course we loved Calvary in St Peters and it will never be exactly the same but we love our pastor, the music and they have alot of options for the kids. We have met a couple people up there that are great and I look forward to getting to know better. I am thankful that God has lead us to Glenview and I look forward to becoming more active with them and watching my children grow in the Lord in this church.
My family was all in town over Labor Day and it was WONDERFUL! I cant remember the last time all of us were all together like that and I havent laughed that much in a long time. I love each and every one so much. I could not be more blessed! The competitions were in full force and we kept the fighting to a minimum...Woo Hoo! I love how we are all so competitve and up for anything. The boys had so much fun with all their cousins and came back exhusted and of course sick from all the fun :)
Tyler starts soccer again this next week and is doing karate too, which he loves! So that, school and his birthday should keep me pretty busy this week but I am going to try and get better about my blogging.....I am such a slacker :) Much love to all who are reading and keep us in your prayers as October gets nearer and Jay has to leave us!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jake---You gotta love him!

Our morning went like this....Daddy: " Jake are you eating out of the trash?" Jake: "Umm...Yeah." 10 minutes later....Jake: "Hondo(our dog) is licking my booty!" Mommy: "Jake are you naked in the kitchen?" Jake: " Umm.....Yeah."
This is our child who is in a cast for a fractured foot with a black eye and mosquito bites all over his face and neck at the moment. He also wished Jay a Happy Mother's day this morning.
So my question is this: If he is this much trouble at 3 yrs old what are his teenage years going to be like and can we all start praying now for Heaven to help his poor mommy and daddy?

P.S. We had a great time in St Louis and I will try to get some pics up soon :)

Happy Father's Day !!